Speaking to Teenagers Seminar

A practical jam packed one day seminar for Youth workers and anyone else who teaches or speaks to teenagers Including pastors, volunteers, Sunday School teachers. If you teach once a quarter or twice a week, this day is for you.

You will leave this seminar knowing:
• The crucial elements of effective communication
• The essentials for understanding and connecting to a teenage audience
• Keys for personal and spiritual preparation before speaking
• The top 10 places to find great illustrations
• How to use the right types of words to make God’s Word come alive for students
• 7 proven tips to make stories more personal & effective
• An approach to turn your experiences into powerful illustrations and connecting points
• The powerful dynamics of humor and how to use it effectively
• How to keep teenagers engaged and deepen their learning
• How to avoid making the most common mistakes speakers make
• Practical guidelines to enhance your body language and gestures
• The secrets of time and timing in speaking
• How to match the type of message to your unique situation

You will leave this day:
• With a practical and easy to use preparation format for developing memorable messages
• With simple research techniques
• With a notebook full of resources and helps
• Equipped to create messages that will make a difference in the lives of teens you work with
• Confident that God still uses the spoken word and can use you

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